History of Spokane Valley Baptist Church

In the early 1900’s, the Spokane Valley was in the early stages of development with Greenacres being the first community to be settled and Opportunity soon followed.  Opportunity School, build at Bowdish and Sprague was made available for church use.  On March 22, 1908, 29 men and women met with their pastor and organized the Opportunity Baptist Church.  The Land Company offered to give some property to the first church to build in the Valley.  Opportunity Baptist Church agreed to that offer, formed a building committee, formulated plans, and with the giving of their time and money the new building was completed April 1909.  On October 14, 1927 that building was completely destroyed by fire, and the congregation immediately planned to rebuild.  It was at this transition time that they voted to change the name of the church to Spokane Valley Baptist Church.  Services were held in their new building on Union and Sprague none months later.  As the congregation grew and the Valley developed and expanded, SVBC again made plans to move and build on the current site of 12th at McDonald.  Dedication of the new building was in February 1961.  An addition that included Sunday school rooms, a multipurpose room, narthex and offices for the pastor and staff were completed in 1985.   
Over the years, SVBC has lived up to its commitment as a mission church and has been involved in many endeavors:  Ross Point Baptist Camp, Noah’s Ark Day Care, Habitat for Humanity, Interfaith Hospitality Network now Family Promise, Valley Partners, and Food for Thought.  From this congregation have come ministers (12), missionaries (6), those licensed for ministry (3), Peace Corps participants (2), and many other followers of Christ who have served or are serving in this community in many ways daily.